Michael Barletta: Visual Soundtrack

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Michael Barletta: Visual Soundtrack

Kimmel Windows Gallery at New York University
April 25 – May 31, 2009

Curator Roslyn Esperon is pleased to announce the opening of Visual Soundtrack an exhibition of drawings by Michael Barletta in conjunction with New York University’s Kimmel Windows Gallery.

Like a visual soundtrack, Barletta’s abstract drawings reflect a moment in time. Each stroke of the marker against the mylar is a spontaneous gesture responding to the artist’s social surroundings. Bits of music and conversation translate into swirling, organic shapes upon the surface. Each drawing literally becomes an artistic extension of the immediate environment which Barletta builds one line at a time. Delicately graceful and stunning with intensity, every stroke emanates a powerful immediacy contributing to the pulsating energy of the finished piece. Beautifully indefinable, Barletta’s almost three-dimensional drawings tell a wordless story that invite viewers identify with and read their own meanings into the work.


Michael Barletta is an artist, designer and former curator based in Syracuse, NY. His artwork has been recently exhibited in the 2008 Everson Museum of Art Biennial, Syracuse, NY and the Warehouse Projects Gallery, Syracuse, NY. He is currently represented by Elisa Tucci Contemporary Art, New York, NY.


Kimmel Windows Gallery is located on the corner of West 3rd St and LaGuardia Place, neighboring Washington Square Park. For more information about the artist or to inquire about existing artwork, please visit: www.elisatucciart.com. For commissions or to contact Michael Barletta directly, please email him at: metaphor5 @ hotmail.com.


Drawing 13